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The GUANO APES are happy to announce the support band on the first leg of their upcoming European tour. “22” from Norway will open for the APES on all next month’s shows from Cologne, October 5 to..Read more


Take a deep breath. After “BEL AIR”’s powerful No.1 chart entry, the whole world knows that the GUANO APES are back – and how! Now even the dignified Montreux Jazz Festival knocked and the APES didn’t hesitate at all: on July 4, 2011 the demanded four will..Read more

The sensational new album of Guano Apes "Bel Air" finally is in stores now in many european countries. Check out here the shoplinks for your country, more links will follow.

Have fun with "Bel Air"!

Poland:..Read more

The Apes are back! And there is not only a new album and a new tour. There is of course new MERCHANDISING! In the new onlineshop www.guanoapesshop.org you can purchase the newband merch. Don't miss it!

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